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Voters Roll - Trace Person, Address & Telephone

Use the electoral roll to trace a person to an address by using a name and address or by searching the voters roll records of a specific address. UK Voters registers are a useful tool in tracing old friends or family members to an address within the United Kingdom.

Free 2014 Electoral Roll & Phone Number Search

Need to find someone? Use the UK Electoral roll. Trace a current address for a person within the UK by searching the edited UK electoral roll. On Top of the UK edited electoral roll Search Electoral Roll, unlike many other on line people search sites, we augment the nationwide people finder databases with over 20 million current year additional people address consented data. Use the free search tool below to identify a summary of electoral register information available via

The free Search Electoral Roll electoral roll search will return results in 3 stages:

  1. Summary of electoral roll data available
  2. Second stage results will return: Full name, Street Address, Current or Historic record, Years resident From-To
  3. Third Stage results will show previous results plus other known residents and map of identified address.

Person 1
First Name
Last Name
Person 2
First Name
Last Name
Town  List of Towns Please remember to try different
spellings for names that are returned
negative, not many people are born Steve or Cas!

Include first and last name plus region or postcode
to be offered a free telephone search.
Or Region
Full Postcode if used
Country England, Scotland,
Wales & Channel Islands

Looking to trace a person using the UK electoral roll?
search UK electoral roll records 365 days of the year
for only £29.99 for a one year electoral roll pass.

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Need to Know Who is calling You!

Tell me? You are receiving calls at different times of the day and only a phone number shows on your caller id, or you want to identify a mobile telephone callers identity, a reverse phone lookup by will provide the very best information available. A positive search result will provide the name and address associated to the mobile phone or landline number.

A simple reverse phone number look up on is a useful tool for those people trying to find old friends new address from merely an old phone number in a diary or address book. The reality is we all live in busy life and many people move address and over time we all lose current address contact details for old friends and family members.

A reverse search of over 30 million UK only mobile telephone numbers and over 85 million UK only land line telephone numbers is available via a manual search tool upon

Instant People Tracing Line Unavailable
Calls charged at £1.53 per minute from a BT landline.
Other networks may vary and calls from mobiles will cost more.
You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission to call.
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Open from 10:00 to 20:00 UK Time

Electoral Roll Search • Free Search for a Person and UK Address with Age

The free search will also return a background search upon
any landline, mobile and email address data available.

First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
Date of Birth:     * optional
Full or Partial Postcode: * optional
Or Region:  * optional
Living with (optional)...
First Name:
Last Name:

Free Electoral Roll UK
People Search Engine

Are you searching within the United Kingdom for a person’s current address and landline or
better still mobile telephone number? Or perhaps you want to communicate with the person via email.

The UK electoral roll is an option, a simple straightforward free look up
for your old friend’s address via Free Electoral Roll UK.

LIVE SEARCH LIST • Supplied by iTrace UK

At 12:17:26
Someone Searched For
First Name:ANTHONY
Middle Name:P
Last Name:WRIGHT
And Found 128 Records

At 10:38:45
Someone Searched For
First Name:GLORIA
Last Name:HART
And Found 49 Records

At 14:53:26
Someone Searched For
Last Name:WRIGHT
And Found 230 Records

At 14:52:59
Someone Searched For
First Name:ALAN
Middle Name:J
Last Name:WRIGHT
And Found 284 Records

At 07:51:22
Someone Searched For
First Name:DAVID
And Found 51 Records

At 17:28:06
Someone Searched For
First Name:KEVIN
And Found 176 Records

At 17:04:35
Someone Searched For
First Name:MAUD
And Found 23 Records

At 14:02:01
Someone Searched For
First Name:TRACY
Last Name:FOX
And Found 252 Records

At 07:55:37
Someone Searched For
First Name:LAURA
And Found 82 Records

At 07:49:25
Someone Searched For
First Name:LAURA
And Found 82 Records

At 07:48:33
Someone Searched For
First Name:IRIS
And Found 24 Records

At 07:48:15
Someone Searched For
First Name:FREDA
And Found 17 Records

At 07:47:10
Someone Searched For
First Name:STEVEN
Middle Name:D
And Found 8 Records

At 07:45:26
Someone Searched For
First Name:NEIL
And Found 40 Records

At 07:45:10
Someone Searched For
First Name:MICHAEL
And Found 182 Records

At 07:44:57
Someone Searched For
First Name:SOPHIE
And Found 21 Records

At 18:14:15
Someone Searched For
First Name:YVONNE
Last Name:GAYFER
And Found 0 Records

At 19:58:01
Someone Searched For
And Found 7 Records

At 19:57:11
Someone Searched For
First Name:LORNA
And Found 54 Records

At 19:56:33
Someone Searched For
Middle Name:E
Last Name:MOORE
And Found 7 Records

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