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Renew When You Want electoral roll searching tool collates millions of residential listings from the edited electoral Roll, the land registry and the telephone directory. As the UK’s most awarded online directory, also contains 4.5 million British business listings, company director records; births marriages and deaths Indexes, property reports, maps and aerial photography. is the UK’s leading people finding website, attracting over three million unique visitors every month! People typically come to for three main reasons:

  • To search for friends and family that they’ve lost touch with

  • To complete an address/find a phone number for someone they’re already in touch with

  • To verify the identity of someone they’ve just met or are trading with online

One interesting recent development on is the facility to monitor those persons who may be searching your own records. Subscribers to’s See Who’s Searching For You will be notified every time their name and/or address is searched on the site. Those being searched for can then send a message to the person looking for them, without having to reveal their email address.

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