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Register to obtain 10 free people search and telephone credits each and every day. All credits last 24 hours and are renewed each day.

The free search is provided by

Free Find People UK are the only UK provider of electoral roll database services to provide a completely free search of electoral roll records otherwise known as the Voters roll. To obtain free access to 19802012 UK electoral roll registers 24 hours a day, you first need to be a registered and authenticated user.

Registration is both simple and quick. You will be notified by email upon your successful registration after we have authenticated the supplied personal details.

All registrations are subject to our terms and conditions and we remind all users to provide accurate personal details upon registration. On average it takes no longer than 24 hours to receive a confirmation or declined email notice of application.

Free Find People UK understand the frustrations and costs involved in tracing people and we are committed to providing the general public with a useful free people finding tool. We provide a range of paid services which compliment the basic people search tool and would encourage all users that need to purchase an ex-directory telephone number etc. to use our service so we can continue to offer a Free find people in UK tool.

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Intelligent Tracing Ltd
30 Hallbridge Gardens
Bolton BL1 8UT
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