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Search our electoral roll records to trace a person to an address by using our search tools. We provide the opportunity to search instantly the UK electoral roll for two people who may have been or are currently living together at an identified address. UK Voters registers are a useful tool in tracing old friends or family members to an address within the United Kingdom. The electoral roll register is also known by the name Voters register or local council voters register. Search the UK electoral roll now for a missing person and get instant results for your search down to street level and with further options available to purchase mobile or even email data for a person at a known address.


Voters Roll - Find Person & UK Address from Free Find People UK

Use the UK electoral roll to trace a person to an address down to street level for free by using a name and area or region. UK Voters registers are a useful tool in tracing old friends or family members to an address within the United Kingdom.

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Our unique people finder database contains millions of people whose full names age and addresses who are detailed on the edited UK Electoral Register.

There are currently over 24 million names on the current edited version of the official Electoral Register with further millions searchable via our own intelligent tracing register using consented data sources. Consented data increases the current year database to 44 million people records making your chances of finding an exact match of a missing person that much higher than merely searching UK electoral registers. Consented data is information purchased from organisations that interface with the public on a regular basis like traders the public have purchased goods from or comparison websites etc. in. In the terms and conditions specific informed consent has been obtained to use this information. Consented consumer data is normally a full name and address with contact telephone numbers and even email addresses.

UK Electoral Roll

Electoral Roll Search and Electoral Register Voters is a great way to find family and friends. If you have tried Facebook and had no luck then try searching the Electoral Roll, the database we have compiled is from 1980 onwards. The Electoral Register includes the names and addresses of most UK citizens over the age of eighteen. Since 2003 the electoral roll has been split into two versions.

Full electoral roll is made available to Police and UK credit referencing agencies only.

Edited electoral roll - Made available by each local council for sale to any person or organisation for any purpose. We update our databases each month via the rolling register of voters.

Access to historical data is included with all people and address searches and this gives you access to approximately 500 million people and address electoral roll records.

On top of the electoral roll www.freefindpeopleuk.co.uk have built into their people finding databases other data sets to provide current year coverage in excess of 44 million records for a UK nationwide people search.

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